Source: Bones

Who cares? Booth does. But try telling him that. (Alternately: "The FBI sent you to me because you shot a clown?" "Not a REAL clown!")

Song by Gnarls Barkley

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Source: The Last of the Mohicans

Cora has to choose between Daniel Day-Lewis in buckskins and some dude in a powdered wig. Honestly, it's a no-brainer.

Song by Talitha Mackenzie

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Source: Dark Angel

Transgenic Action Alec--he's your toy, your 20th century boy. Well, 21st century, but who's counting?

Song by Placebo

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Source: These Girls

David Boreanaz is hot. And naked a lot. So let's dance.

Made for Vividcon 2007 Club Vivid.

Song by Franz Ferdinand.

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Fandom: Bones

Temperance Brennan's life is ruled by statistics. But when everything she thinks is true proves a lie, she needs people. Graphic links to large version (XviD, 30M). Small (WMV, 9M).

Song by Wolkenvelden

Premiered at Vividcon, 2006.

Fandom: AtS

Daniel Holtz seeks revenge against the vampire who destroyed his family. But when does revenge become self destruction?

Song by Patty Griffin.

Buffy and Angel. Co-vidded with Belinda.

Song by Kate Bush.

My first vid.

Exploration of Angel's love for Connor.

Song by Dixie Chicks.


Gwen. Gwen and Angel. Gwen and Gunn. Some stuff that might be construed as smut.

Song by Meredith Brooks.


The obligatory Puppet!Angel vid.

Song by The Chieftains and Sting.

Darla's pregnancy and labor, and her relationship with Angel/Angelus. Darla POV.

Song by Kate Bush

Wes and Angel.

Song by the Police.